Yaht 3D

Yaht 3D - all the joys of the classic Yahtzee but in 3D for your Windows Phone

Thanks to the guys at Windows Phone Central for this review which explains how the game works perfectly.

  • If you like Yahtzee then this game is for you!
  • Yaht 3D is based on the dice game called 'Yacht' which is the predecessor to Yahtzee. 
  • Play this simple and fun game against your friends in hotseat mode or try to beat the phone.
  • Yaht 3D takes advantage of the performance of the Windows Phone to bring you accurately simulated dice rolls. See the 3D dice leap out of your phone, spinning, colliding and tumbling under the forces of gravity.
  • Download Yaht 3D today! It's fun, but with 3D!